• Electric operation. Automatic Energy Source Selection. With two fans to boost cooling performance. Adjustable thermostat to respond to high ambient temperatures and varied use. Flame current meter monitors gas ignition. Easy to clean, durable, white, powder coated shelves
  • If you are going caravanning with the whole family, or you are going out for a really long period, you may need the Thetford N614. This fridge is Thetford's biggest size, being able to hold 184Lt of food and beverages. Unlike smaller models that have a small freezer bin at the top, the N614 has a separate freezer compartment that can hold 47Lt, It also comes with a vegetable crisper so you can maintain healthy food on the go. This fridge, like previous models is durable.

    Thetford knows that camping in Australia can be rough and we have designed our fridge to be able to withstand anything the Bush can throw at it. The 604 is also incredibly versatile. Like its predecessors, it can run on gas, DC, or mains and it comes with an easy control panel so you can switch as you need to. This means that no matter where you are this fridge will work.

    The perfect home away from home 2-door fridge/freezer.

Fridge N614E - 185L

SKU: N614E

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